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Embark on a captivating journey to Alberta, a land of stark contrasts and breathtaking beauty. Picture yourself surrounded by the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, their majestic presence giving way to rolling plains and rugged canyons as you venture eastward. Alberta's landscape is a vibrant canvas, painted with turquoise lakes, glacial terrains, and the lush prairies, where working ranches and fertile farmland stretch as far as the eye can see. Wander through multi-colored canyons and rock chimneys in the fossil-rich badlands, a testament to the province's rich geological past.


Alberta isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's a warm embrace from the welcoming cities of Calgary and Edmonton, each offering a unique blend of modern vibrancy and timeless tradition. Delve into the rich tapestry of culture and history as you explore sacred sites and learn about the enduring legacy of the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. Marvel at the pioneering spirit that birthed Canada’s first national park, Banff, and journey through the UNESCO-listed Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, a wonderland of awe-inspiring peaks, glaciers, and natural wonders.


But that's just the beginning. Alberta boasts over 10,600 square miles of protected land, teeming with rare wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. From the UNESCO-designated Dinosaur Provincial Park to the world's largest dark sky preserve at Wood Buffalo National Park, there's an endless array of wonders waiting to be discovered. And with more sunny days than any other province, your adventures are sure to be bathed in golden light.


Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast eager to rent a camper and explore the wilderness, a history buff fascinated by the land once roamed by dinosaurs, or a festival-goer drawn to the world-renowned Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Alberta offers a diverse array of experiences. Indulge in a shopper's paradise with no Provincial Sales Tax, tackle some of the world's best golf courses, or gaze in awe at the Northern Lights. 

From horseback riding through the wild to relaxing in iconic accommodations, Alberta invites you to step into a world where every path leads to discovery. 


Join us on this unforgettable journey and find yourself in the heart of Canada's most stunning and diverse province.

      Discover Alberta A Journey Through Canada's Land of Contrasts and Wonders

Alberta Unearthed: Discover Hidden Gems, Must-Do Adventures, and Picture-Perfect Spots 

Here's a little taster of Alberta's hidden gems, must-do activities, and Instagrammable spots that promise to make your visit unforgettable:


Hidden Gems:

  1. Wine Tasting & Tours: Alberta's wineries offer unique tasting experiences with a variety of fruit, flower wines, and mead. Spirit Hills Honey Winery, Grey Owl Meadery, and Fallentimber Meadery are notable for their exquisite wines and scenic locations​​.
  2. Dry Island Buffalo Jump: Offering fantastic views and a rare, quiet experience, this hidden gem reveals the earth opening up below you with wild hiking and potential fossil sightings​​.
  3. Hard Luck Canyon: Located south of Whitecourt, this canyon features trails through a birch tree forest, a wooden bridge, and a waterfall. It's perfect for a new outdoor adventure​​.

Must-Do Activities:

  1. Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary: As one of North America's most successful living history museums, it features an amusement park, steam train, and heritage buildings​​.
  2. Calgary Zoo: Home to a diverse range of wildlife and one of the most respected zoos worldwide, it's a must-visit for animal lovers​​.
  3. Ski Banff: Offering some of the best skiing and snowboarding experiences, the slopes at Mount Norquay, Sunshine, and Lake Louise are not to be missed​​.

Instagrammable Spots:

  1. Luke’s Drug Mart: Known for its striking mural, this location offers a perfect backdrop for a unique photo​​.
  2. Calgary Tower: Standing 191 meters above downtown, it provides stunning city views and a glass floor for a unique perspective​​.
  3. The Rundle Ruins: The aged and jagged ruins provide a striking composition, ensuring that your photos stand out​​.

Each of these spots and activities provides a unique experience of Alberta, promising to make your visit both memorable and picturesque. Whether you're sipping local wines, exploring quiet canyons, capturing the beauty of the urban landscape, or hitting the slopes, Alberta has something for every traveler.

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