Northwest Territories

Average flight time from UK: 14 hours           Capital: Yellowknife

Discover the awe-inspiring Northwest Territories, a breathtaking expanse nestled between the Yukon and Nunavut, and bordering British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. This vast, untamed wilderness beckons adventurers to a world where nature's grandeur reigns supreme.


Imagine a land where the landscapes defy expectations, from towering mountain ranges to barren Arctic coastlines, from the dense sub-arctic boreal forests to the sprawling ice fields. As the seasons change, so does the scenery. Summer brings 74°F (23.3°C) days filled with sunlight that stretches into the midnight hours, transforming the land into a playground of waterfalls, vast lakes, and rushing rivers. The diverse animal kingdom here is larger than life, with majestic muskoxen, towering moose, and the elusive polar bears.


Delve into the rich tapestry of history, culture, and people that make the Northwest Territories unique. From the ancient Athapaskan or Dene First Nations to the vibrant mosaic of today's communities, the Territories are a melting pot of traditions and languages. The spirit of the land is mirrored in its people, welcoming visitors with open arms and inviting them to experience their heritage and the sacred beauty of their homeland.


Embark on an expedition across the five distinct regions of the Northwest Territories. From the gateway of the South Slave region, with its stunning national parks and diverse landscapes, to the remote reaches of the Western Arctic, where the Arctic Sea meets ice-cored hills and roaming muskox. In between, discover the North Slave's towering cliffs, the Dehcho's mighty rivers, and the rugged Sahtu region.


Yellowknife, the capital, is a city of contrasts and vibrant energy, balancing modern living with a deep connection to its rich history. Explore its buzzing streets, cultural festivals, and the unforgettable phenomenon of the Northern Lights, which dance across the sky with an ethereal glow.

But the Northwest Territories isn't just a place to see; it's a place to do. Immerse yourself in the endless outdoor activities, from winter hiking and dogsledding under the aurora to summer golfing under the Midnight Sun. On water, the Territories transform into a hub of boating, fishing, and paddling adventures. With outfitter lodges and unique accommodations, your stay will be as memorable as the land itself.


Embark on this journey to the Northwest Territories, where every turn is a new discovery, every season brings new wonders, and every moment is an adventure waiting to happen. 

Uncover the untamed beauty, the vibrant culture, and the endless possibilities of this majestic land. Your extraordinary expedition to the top of the world starts here.

     Journey to the Spectacular: Discovering the Untamed Majesty of the Northwest Territories 

Enchanting North: Unveiling the Hidden Gems and Must-See Wonders of the Northwest Territories

Hidden Gems:


Aurora Village:

  • Why you shouldn't miss it: Experience the mesmerizing northern lights from 21 lantern-lit teepees surrounding a frozen lake. This Indigenous-owned attraction offers heated benches, a wood fire, and hot drinks for optimal sky gazing. For an enhanced experience, indulge in a meal of smoked buffalo prime rib while you watch the aurora borealis dance across the sky​​.

Bern Will Brown Museum:

  • Why you shouldn't miss it: Located in Colville Lake, this museum is housed in the tiny cabin of Bern Will Brown, an Oblate priest and artist who spent six decades in Canada's Arctic. Explore his paintings, fur pelts, and artifacts that tell the story of an extraordinary life​​.

Our Lady of Victory Church:

  • Why you shouldn't miss it: This unique igloo-shaped church in Inuvik honors the local Inuit population and is designed to balance the weight on shifting permafrost. Inside, you'll find original designs and vibrant paintings by Inuk artist Mona Thrasher, making it a unique spiritual and cultural site​​.

Must-Do Activities:


Slurp 'n' Burp at Bullock's Bistro:

  • Why you shouldn't miss it: Indulge in the local cuisine at N.W.T.'s flagship restaurant in Yellowknife. Try the "slurp 'n' burp" featuring your choice of buffalo or reindeer steak, accompanied by fresh fish from Great Slave Lake. It's a culinary experience that defines the local flavor​​.

Behold the Bison at Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary:

  • Why you shouldn't miss it: Witness the last genetically pure herd of bison on the planet. These magnificent creatures, once believed to be nearly extinct, regularly graze along Highway 3 near Fort Providence. Seeing them in their natural habitat is a truly awe-inspiring sight​​.

Instagrammable Spots:


The Northern Lights: The Aurora Borealis in the Northwest Territories is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. The best viewing spots are outside of Yellowknife, where the dark sky offers an unobstructed view of the dancing lights. Capture the vibrant colors as they illuminate the night sky.


Great Slave Lake: As the deepest lake in North America, Great Slave Lake offers stunning vistas, especially during sunrise and sunset. The reflections of the sky and the surrounding nature make for a perfect Instagram shot.


Nahanni National Park Reserve: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with deep canyons, massive waterfalls, and unique geological formations. The rugged beauty of this park provides endless opportunities for breathtaking photos.


Remember, while these spots are beautiful and exciting, always respect the local environment and communities when visiting. Enjoy your adventure in the Northwest Territories!

     Current Weather in Northwest Territories

   Time difference to the UK - 7 hours

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